Back on Track – The 52nd annual meeting of the Austrian Society of Vascular Surgery will be held online!


Dear Colleagues, dear Nurses and Students,


It is a great honor to invite you to the 52nd annual meeting of the Austrian Society of Vascular Surgery. This meeting will be held October 7 to 9 as a back-to-back online meeting together with the 62nd World Congress of the International College of Angiology, which is a multidisciplinary association of vascular specialists, including cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, angiologists as well as vascular surgeons. This joint conference will allow for a professional exchange with internationally recognized vascular specialists.
The leading topic of this meeting is ‘Individualized Vascular Medicine’. Recent progress of medical research does not only allow detailed diagnoses based on individual pathophysiological circumstances, including genetic preconditions, but also the generation of personalized therapies. The translation of current research into clinical application must include every aspect of therapy, from medication to custom made endografts and will – hopefully – also comprise new biological therapies.
Close collaboration with other vascular specialists is essential for providing comprehensive treatment for patients with vascular diseases. We are used to offer integral medicine and care individually for every patient. Present developments will allow us to raise personalized medicine to a new level.
It is a great pleasure for us to invite you to this joint annual meeting of the Austrian Society of Vascular Surgery and the International College of Angiology!
Yours respectfully,
PD Afshin Assadian, MD
PD Jürgen Falkensammer, MD

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Sonja Chmella, Barbara Horak, David Grünseis
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